Thank you Jonny Hughes…

.. for making my day.

here is an extract from a POST by Hughes on the CentOs message boards

This a message to notify you that your webpage has blocked an "Official"
website that is used to provide public information regarding City Council
meetings including notifying the public of the agendas. Failure to provide
the agendas on the City's website is a violation of the open records act of
Oklahoma. You claim no responsibility but the city did not subscribe to your
software and the city did not authorize you to display it when the city's
website is selected.

You have officially been notified and given an opportunity to correct the
situation without legal intervention. The rest is up to you!

It’s based on a series of emails that he has received. These emails sound almost like the bad jokes some morons forward to their friends. .

See the original post at:

Jul 19th, 2006 | Posted in Apache
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