The site with the LAMP, The Site With The LAMP is dedicated to Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP. It's the work of Raditha Dissanayake, who has an affinity for these technologies as well as several other non redmond technologies such as Java

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  • Django admin select count(*) from …

    Shut up and just give me the code? Ok, look at the bottom of this post. What is the slowest query on It’s the select count(*) on the traffic alerts table that Django admin insists on executing each time someone visit the admin page for the alerts. Though we are fully operational only in [...]

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  • Jekyll as a replacement for SSI

    This site does not use server side includes.  Banish the thought! However this site does use PHP as if it was SSI. The site with the LAMP was first created in 2002, at that time CMS weren’t as advanced as they are now. In spite of the millions of hours that have been invested in CMS by [...]

    Apr 18th, 2013 | Filed under PHP
  • The lady finally sings

    It aint over until the lady sings and she refused to do so because she wasn’t so happy with the commenting system. Initially I had tried to use Disqus but it had an unspecified error while importing from wordpress. Then I tried to use intense debate. Using intense debate is kind of like going back [...]

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  • Using a CF card as a disk buffer

    A post that was originally written on Dec 28, 2010, but wasn’t published, but being released now to clear up the draft folder before the switch to Jekyll. Since the post was written dm-cache has in fact made it’s way into the main branch of the kernel. Windows has something called ReadyBoost – us linux [...]

    Mar 3rd, 2013 | Filed under Linux
  • SPA 3102 Getting Started

    Still stuck here on wordpress, need to clean out the drafts folder before flipping the switch for Jekyll. There were 23 drafts in all Some more than six years old! Only one or two are worth preserving. Here is one, that was originally written on Nov 22, 2008 but never published. This was part of [...]

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