• Manymo and Eclipse

    Manymo calls itself “A Better Emulator”, and that’s a fair call. They go on to add that manymo emulators; “Start quickly. Run smoothly. Are lightweight. Match every current OS version & screen size. Are accessible from your browser.” In spite of the network lag, it certainly feels more responsive than the emulator that ships with [...]

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  • Tizen on Ubuntu

    Lot of speculative news articles and blog posts these days about the world’s largest smart phone maker ditching android in favor of Tizen. What I know about tizen at the moment can be written on the back of a postage stamp (if I can find one lying around), so here is an attempt to put that right. [...]

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  • M35

    Once upon a long ago, I used to work for Inc. They were one of the key partners when Dialog Axiata famously ambushed’ Celltell’s W@P launch. It took celltell (now Etisalat) years to recover from that trauma, Dialog never did. Those days W@P was the big thing (WTF is W@P ? go get your [...]

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  • Ice Cream Sandwich on VirtualBox

    My netbook has a really ancient version of Android (rarely used) so I thought to download and try out Ice Cream Sandwich on it, but first let’s try running it on VirtualBox because it’s always less painfull than countless reboots associated with installing a new OS. And predictably I ran into trouble straight away. The [...]

    Feb 22nd, 2012 | Filed under Linux, Mobile
  • Broadband speedtest

    The other day, an idiot from SLT, tried to convince me that their 512kb/s ADSL line is as fast as a 2048kb/s WiMax link. You can expect people at SLT to make statements like that. Many of them probably hadn’t seen a computer till they joined the company. There is a huge shortage of geeks [...]

    Oct 29th, 2009 | Filed under Mobile, Networking
  • In praise of the E71

    When the Camera on my phone died, it turned me off the E71 and even Nokia. But now the camera has been replaced by Nokia Care and my faith in them has been restored. I am beginning to get quite a liking for this phone. This is the first time I’ve been so happy with [...]

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  • Faith Restored in Nokia

    Recently, the Camera on my Nokia E71 died. Even though Nokia refuses to admit that it’s a known issue, it’s something that happens very often if the number of results in google is anything to go by. There was a problem in claiming the warranty because the phone was purchased in the US and Nokia [...]

    Jun 9th, 2009 | Filed under Mobile
  • A visit to Nokia Care.

    As you know, I have an E71 with a dead camera, which is apparently a known issue in many Series 60 phones (but something which Nokia does not wish to acknowledge as such). This phone was purchased in the US and as a result there is a problem with claiming the warranty from Sri Lanka [...]

    Jun 8th, 2009 | Filed under Mobile
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