• So where’s the trade halt

    Call it the Colombo Lies Exchange, the Colombo Jokes Exchange or all it whatever you want but please don’t call it the Colombo Stock Exchange for that would be a grave insult to the real stock exchanges elsewhere in the world. This is a screenshot of the CSE home page captured at 10:43, it shows [...]

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  • CSE bugs still not fixed after two months

    It’s nearly two months since the automated trading system of the Colombo Stock Scam Exchange was upgraded. The upgrade came with a list of bugs as long as your arm. Nearly two months later, those bugs have not been fixed. This screenshot, captured from the CSE home page at 9:37 shows that 31 counters had [...]

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  • The Colombo Lies Exchange

    Well before the Colombo Stock Exchange ended trading today, I predicted that tommorow’s headline in Sri Lankan business news sections will be: ‘market cheers removable of the price band’ which of course is a huge lie ¬†Lanka Business Online, a journal that’s miles ahead of the likes the Financial Times which has already published their [...]

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  • Colombo Scam Exchange.

    On the 1st of March, the all share price index of the CSE gained 0.2% even while the the declining counters  outnumber the gainers. To be precise 122 counters declined while price rises were seen only in 90 counters. How is that possible? because several counters make disproportionately large positive contributions to the index. Two [...]

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  • ATS 7 Trouble Continues

    Colombo Stock Exchange recently upgraded to version 7 of their Automated Trading System, a software shipped with show stopping bugs. I have already mentioned how the CSE no longer records all transactions. I have also explained how you would place an order and find that it’s not in the order books but the order gets [...]

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  • Market manipulation on shoestring budget

    The above image shows the top gainers at the Colombo Stock Exchange on the 28th of February. MNany of them are rather illiquid but look at how their prices have jumped during the last session. Then look at the volumes – it’s single digit for most them. TSML (Tea Small Holder Factories) jumped 40% with [...]

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  • Dodgy becomes dodgier

    As equity markets go, the Colombo Stock Exchange was the dodgiest around. Was? It just became dodgier with the implementation of the new Automated Trading System. It should be shutdown permanently to avoid further embarrassment or before the system breaks down completely. Occasionally you would place a buy order only to find that it doesn’t [...]

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  • What the ATS upgrade taught us about the Colombo Stock Exchange

    Asia’s best performing stock exchange of 2010 achieved that milestone partly because it’s an exchange where short selling is disallowed. That’s right, the Colombo Stock Exchange happens to be one of the most primitive around, incidentally it’s leader contender for the title of world’s dodgiest as well. Their trading platform was upgraded on Friday the [...]

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