• Tizen install

    The previous attempt to install Tizen was abandoned because of all the errors that kept popping up. It turns out I had made an elementary mistake; a mix up of 32 and 64 bit binaries. Sorted out that mess and gave it another go. These are the steps installed. Install Oracle JDK Why on earth [...]

    Feb 18th, 2013 | Filed under Java, Linux
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  • Iterators and Generators and Yields

    Both python and ruby have a yield which is thoroughly confusing to Java programmers and looks like the stuff that nightmares are made of. But eventually you realize that it isn’t so bad after all. But before we deal with our nightmares, we to look at iterators. Python for loops look so nifty thanks to [...]

    May 12th, 2012 | Filed under Java
  • Ruby vs Python

    Ruby and Python have been around for a long time almost as long as Java and PHP hang on a second, Python is older than java. ¬†Both PHP and Java are decidely on the decline and according to the fan boys both Ruby and Python are on the¬†ascendancy. But that’s not exactly consistent with what [...]

    Apr 27th, 2012 | Filed under Java, PHP
  • CouchDB or Java which one should I hate?

    Never been a fan of RDBMS no sirree. But that has never stopped me from using them (but with many repitions of the phrase ‘databases suck’). Then along came non relation databases and then no-sql. For a while I had to modify my phrase to ‘SQL Databases suck’. But it wasn’t long before I started [...]

    Nov 13th, 2010 | Filed under Database, Java
  • CDAX ticker gone crazy.

    The Colombo Stock Exchange is open from 9:30 AM to 2:30 PM each day. Then why did the CDAX online trading software’s ticker continue to run well past the closing time on the 24th? I will tell you why; because this system is not real time and this software is written in Java. I’ve blogged [...]

    Sep 30th, 2010 | Filed under Java
  • ImportError: No module named MySQLdb

    When you see that title, you are gonna say; ‘you need to install the MySQLdb module’. Well, let me assure you that it’s already it’s already there. Provided by MySQL-python-1.2.3-0.4.c1.fc12.x86_64.rpm . On the other hand if you are here because you ran into the same problem and want a solution, but don’t want to listen [...]

    Apr 28th, 2010 | Filed under Database, Java, PHP
  • Gnash WTF?

    My machine got really slowed down all of a sudden I suspected Netbeans and did a `ps -ef | grep java` to find it’s pid and kill it. The output from ps floored me: raditha 11263 1 1 Dec10 ? 01:00:02 /usr/java/1.6/bin/java -Djdk.home=/usr/java/1.6 -classpath /usr/local/netbeans-6.8beta/platform11/lib/boot.jar:/usr/local/netbeans-6.8beta/platform11/lib/org-openide-modules.jar:/usr/local/netbeans-6.8beta/platform11/lib/org-openide-util.jar:/usr/local/netbeans-6.8beta/platform11/lib/locale/boot_ja.jar:/usr/local/netbeans-6.8beta/platform11/lib/locale/boot_pt_BR.jar:/usr/local/netbeans-6.8beta/platform11/lib/locale/boot_zh_CN.jar:/usr/local/netbeans-6.8beta/platform11/lib/locale/org-openide-modules_ja.jar:/usr/local/netbeans-6.8beta/platform11/lib/locale/org-openide-modules_pt_BR.jar:/usr/local/netbeans-6.8beta/platform11/lib/locale/org-openide-modules_zh_CN.jar:/usr/local/netbeans-6.8beta/platform11/lib/locale/org-openide-util_ja.jar:/usr/local/netbeans-6.8beta/platform11/lib/locale/org-openide-util_pt_BR.jar:/usr/local/netbeans-6.8beta/platform11/lib/locale/org-openide-util_zh_CN.jar:/usr/java/1.6/lib/dt.jar:/usr/java/1.6/lib/tools.jar -Dnetbeans.system_http_proxy=DIRECT -Dnetbeans.system_http_non_proxy_hosts= -Dnetbeans.dirs=/usr/local/netbeans-6.8beta/nb6.8:/usr/local/netbeans-6.8beta/bin/../ergonomics2:/usr/local/netbeans-6.8beta/ide12:/usr/local/netbeans-6.8beta/bin/../java3:/usr/local/netbeans-6.8beta/bin/../xml2:/usr/local/netbeans-6.8beta/bin/../apisupport1:/usr/local/netbeans-6.8beta/bin/../webcommon1:/usr/local/netbeans-6.8beta/websvccommon1:/usr/local/netbeans-6.8beta/bin/../enterprise6:/usr/local/netbeans-6.8beta/bin/../mobility8:/usr/local/netbeans-6.8beta/bin/../profiler3:/usr/local/netbeans-6.8beta/bin/../ruby2:/usr/local/netbeans-6.8beta/bin/../python1:/usr/local/netbeans-6.8beta/php1:/usr/local/netbeans-6.8beta/bin/../visualweb2:/usr/local/netbeans-6.8beta/bin/../soa2:/usr/local/netbeans-6.8beta/bin/../identity2:/usr/local/netbeans-6.8beta/bin/../uml6:/usr/local/netbeans-6.8beta/bin/../harness:/usr/local/netbeans-6.8beta/bin/../cnd3:/usr/local/netbeans-6.8beta/bin/../dlight2:/usr/local/netbeans-6.8beta/bin/../groovy2:/usr/local/netbeans-6.8beta/bin/../extra:/usr/local/netbeans-6.8beta/bin/../javafx2:/usr/local/netbeans-6.8beta/bin/../javacard1: -Dnetbeans.home=/usr/local/netbeans-6.8beta/platform11 -Dnetbeans.importclass=org.netbeans.upgrade.AutoUpgrade -Dnetbeans.accept_license_class=org.netbeans.license.AcceptLicense -Xmx512m -Dorg.glassfish.v3ee6.installRoot=/usr/local/glassfish-v3-prelude -Dcom.sun.aas.installRoot=/usr/local/glassfish-v2.1 -client [...]

    Dec 13th, 2009 | Filed under Java, Linux
  • Apple Tries To Turn People Off Java?

    Tried to load a page with an applet in FF for the first time since upgrading from Tiger to Snow Leopard and this dialog pops up. I don’t quite see the need to convert the applets in the applet cache in this manner. What the heck is the conversion anyway? any applet compiled with java [...]

    Sep 23rd, 2009 | Filed under Apple, Java
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