• Macbook LCD dead.

    The following post that was originally written around Christmas time but someone was never published. Couple of weeks back I wrote about my ailing macbook, since then it has died. Well it died quite a while ago, I didn’t get around to writing about it till now. The cause of death is a faulty display. [...]

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  • Macbook boot failure

    While I was working in frenzied rush to finish off my MBA asignment, the hard drive on my Macbook died on me. I managed to make do with another disk, until the assignments were out of the way but thought to reinstall OS X on it afterwards. What ought to have been a rediculously easy [...]

    Dec 13th, 2010 | Filed under Apple
  • A dying macbook

    This is a prequel to yesterday’s post about the Macbook and the netbook. The macbook showed the first signs of it’s terminal illness in October and it had to come at the most inconvinient time. But that’s the way hardware failures always happen. I had two MBA assignments falling due with in a day of [...]

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  • From a Macbook to a Netbook

    You might think that moving from a Macbook to a netbook is a step in the wrong direction. Nay not so. Not when the Macbook is dead. Not when the macbook required major surgery several times during it’s lifetime to keep it running. Will give you more details about these operations later. Apple products are [...]

    Dec 7th, 2010 | Filed under Apple
  • Geek Porn : Unpacking a Macbook Pro.

    Unboxing a Core i7 Macbook Pro. It’s not mine but my father (I’ve sworn not to by another mac). He got it early August to replace his old Macbook which got toasted. I had the pleasure of unboxing it but forgot to blog about it till now. So for the first time in a long [...]

    Sep 28th, 2010 | Filed under Apple
  • Yet another dead macbook

    Dell is in a lot of hot water for shipping lousy hardware. One wonders why the same fate has not befallen Apple, the company that is so arrogant as to elegantly package a brick and call it an iphone or an ipad and charge you heaps of money for it. Macbooks are only slightly better. [...]

    Jul 23rd, 2010 | Filed under Apple
  • Apple Tries To Turn People Off Java?

    Tried to load a page with an applet in FF for the first time since upgrading from Tiger to Snow Leopard and this dialog pops up. I don’t quite see the need to convert the applets in the applet cache in this manner. What the heck is the conversion anyway? any applet compiled with java [...]

    Sep 23rd, 2009 | Filed under Apple, Java
  • Thawing out the Snow Leopard

    The other day, I upgraded from to OS X Snow Leopard and I wasn’t entirely pleased with Apple. However having used it for a while I have become less resentful. One of the reasons is that Snow Leopard is fast much much faster than Tiger. This is probably due to the new version being a [...]

    Sep 21st, 2009 | Filed under Apple
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