A new year a new computer

I blogged earlier about how all my computers seem to run into trouble all at once. In recent times my file server died (motherboard + hard drive). Then the desktop hiccuped but recovered but at the same time the macbook decided to pack it in. The desktop also suffered a relapse and died. So for a brief period this month I was down to just one computer – the netbook.

The mother board that was idling on my desk

I had ordered an AMD Phenom II processor and a motherboard earlier through ebay. The Motherboard arrived in early December but not the CPU. Turns out the CPU seller was a crook. Ebay suspended his account and issued me a refund. But that still left me with a motherboard without a CPU to slot into it. Then in mid December someone went to Malaysia and I gave him a shopping list. AMD Processors are not easy to find in Colombo.

The guy returned on the 23rd, the day before I went on holiday. I only had enough time to plug things in to make sure the components were not dead on arrival (I’ve seen it happen before with stuff purchased in Malaysia). It was on the 31st that I got back from holiday. So it was a mad rush to set things up properly, but the good news is that it is a happy new year cause I am blogging this from my new computer.

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